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Seller: Wes Jones
Contact Method: or 678 634-7537

Location:  North of Atlanta, just off the interstate.

Please refer to the attached Adobe pdf file for a full list.

Seller: Dan Haney
Contact Method: (865) 719-0597

Linda Haney still has a good assortment of tools for sale.   She also has a good variety of free wood and hoping someone could use it.

She would prefer to be contacted via text message to arrange a time to meet. Just mention the wood turning club in your message.   Help her out and make an offer on the tools as she needs to clear them out.  Take some wood as well.    

Linda’s cell number is (865) 719-0597.

The address is 2929 Long Hollow Road in Powell. 


Seller: Gordon Fowler for a friend
Contact Method: Gordon Fowler at or phone or text at 865-660-6469
Item Qty Price  Description
Carter Multi-Rest 1 $300  
Carter Hollowing System 1 $525 Hollow Roller, Handle, laser guide, straight and curved boring bars
Hold Fast Vacuum system 1 $292 Vacuum generator, 3 chucks, spindle extender, adaptor kit
Dust Collector 1 $260 Penn State model DC-3XL 1.5 HP, hose, bag, adaptor gizmo to attach to the back of lathe
Coring System, oneway 1 $626 base for 20" swing, 4 knives, 4 supports, 4 cutters, clamp block
Seller: Drue Hogland
Contact Method: (865) 385-8303 or

It is with deep regret that I have to get rid of my turning equipment. The disease I have, IPF, will not allow me to be around saw dust.  Attached is the remaining items that I have to sell.

Seller: Colin Chalmers
Contact Method: Contact Colin 806-220-4924

11  8 Sorby patriot chucks for sale, with one set of extra jaws, will fit the one way lathes, or you can buy an insert.  $175 each

Carter circle cutting jig  $65

Contact Colin  806-220-4924