What's Happening at the Ranch

Submitted by Bob Law on Tue, 02/28/2023 - 20:40




 What’s Happening at the Ranch in August? 

The summer sessions at the Ranch are over and the students are off on “break”.  We look forward to the beginning of the new school year in just a few Weeks!   Preliminary “sign ups” for our elective workshops (they receive high school credit in fine arts for participating in our program) indicate that we could have as many as 22 students!  Workshop days remain the same; usually The Second Tuesday & the Third Thursday of each month.  We’ll begin the school year with a number of new students and plenty of exciting turning projects for our intermediates!

Students finished cleaning out their lockers in August.   The finished turning bowls, platters, boxes and even the wheels for a wooden vehicle!  We’re really proud of the progress these young people made during the school year.